The Realist Products

The Realist acoustic transducer family includes an ever-growing list of instruments. Over the years, The Realist has proven to be extremely adaptable: what started off as a great bass pickup soon became a great cello pickup, and not long after became a great violin, viola, mandolin, and banjo pickup. Our patented Realist technology has made The Realist the world's most respected pickup for acoustic instruments.

Realist Copperhead for Mandolin

Transducer for mandolin, black-wrapped copper element, 1/4" clamp-on carpenter input jack.

Very transparent sound color and texture with unmatched dynamic response. Will sound more like the instrument than any other pickup on the market.

Fits standard mandolin bridges and can be custom-made to fit non-standard bridges. Simple installation. No change to the instrument required.
List Price: $245.00