Ann Marie Calhoun

"When The Realist Violin goes electric, I love how responsive, and natural the violin tone is. I also enjoy hearing the blend of the acoustic violin under my ear as well."

Ron Carter

"My intent is to be the kind of sideman who the band-leader feels is essential to the band. When I'm playing, I never worry with The Realist on my bass."

Paul Dateh

"The Realist Violin will shine in any playing situation, acoustic or amplified. There is no longer a need to sacrifice sound quality for volume. "

Lee England Jr.

Christian McBride

"Whether playing pizzicato or arco, The Realist in my opinion is the best sounding pickup on the market"

John Patitucci

"The most natural sounding pick-up I've ever heard. You wouldn't believe the sound of it through my rig. It feels great -- I'm totally into it. I'm really happy with it. It's easy, I love it. I can go from pizzicato to arco without any hesitation."