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Bee Spears

Bassist, The Willie Nelson Band

The Realist is absolutely the best pickup I have ever used. It is full and warm with no feedback. Since I have been using it, every house and monitor engineer I have worked with tells me it is the best sounding pickup they have ever heard. Producers and recording engineers agree. The Realist has done a fantastic job for me, I'm sure it will do the same for you.

John Krovoza

Cellist, The Dixie Chicks

When I switched over to the Realist halfway through a run of rehearsals in L.A. the sound personnel there immediately noticed the difference. The tone quality on the Realist is the best I've heard or used anywhere. We just finished a run of promotional tours in New York and London. This included four T.V. appearances, a radio broadcast, a theatre show and a stadium appearance. The sound on the Realist has the kind of solidity and presence that holds up in all these venues.

Rob Hecht


The Realist [Transducer for violin] is a joy and liberation in the world of violin pickups. Getting a full, warm sound, and also having the ability to dig in, and chop (bluegrass percussive technique) with an authentic sound from a pickup is great. Whether an acoustic setting, or with a full rock band, drums and all, the Realist is the way to go!